New Weapon.

ReaverReaver Member
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Hello There, I was just playing and thought that it'd be pretty cool to add miniguns to the game. Obviously, they'd be super rare but if you wanted to buy one from the machines, it's price would be around 5k.


  • RadBriaRadBria Moderator

    Hi Reaver, thanks for the great suggestion! As a reminder: using embellishments and text forms to emphasize or organize things in your post is fine. However, please don’t do things like put your entire post in caps, bold text or overuse other text decorations that cause others’ eyeballs to burn.

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  • LudaLukeLudaLuke Member

    @Reaver interesting, I was just gonna say nah I disagree straight up, but it could be interesting to have a mental high fire rate gun! They'd have to make it uncontrollable at full fire rate though or it'd just be a more powerful AUG!

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