Gold Aug: Another Path

The Gold Aug(tm) is "overpowered", there's no doubt about it. This is a bit of an unproven assertion at the moment but from my experience: a decent player with an aug, or a gold aug specifically, is far more likely to win the game than with any other of the high stat weapons. I'll even bet you'll see more green aug wins than gold AKs. If you have stats on this, check 'em, I'll be surprised if this isn't true.

The knee-jerk reaction to an overpowered item in a game is usually to nerf it, but I suggest another way forward:

Instead of nerfing the aug to perform worse, why not make the other guns in this game perform better?

The aug is a joy to fire, and more people should be able to have that experience, but given its rarity whoever manages to get these things has a huge advantage. Instead of nerfing the advantage, make more guns have accuracy, rof, or damage similar to the aug. Doing this will fix a few things:

  • It will make guns more fun to use-- right now ARs like the gold AK are very inaccurate outside of straight up zooming, which is a pain and doesn't have to be true. The damage on the AK is also crazy low for what it is (a gold AR). Why does the aug have to be the only good fullauto rifle?
  • It solves the TTK problem - TTK is extremely high on many guns right now (again, the AK is way underpowered). Why not make more guns burn through armor the way the aug does?
  • It avoids you nerfing this game into H1Z1 - the biggest problem with H1Z1 was always the inaccurate crappy weapons with zero scopes. If you nerf the aug, you go down the path of resolving problems by making things slower and more clunky, which is not really what this game seems to be about. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you're billing this game as a fast paced high action shooter, so why do I only really feel like it is when I'm using the gold aug?
  • It also avoids you alienating core players - My guess is some people hate the gold aug, but I'll also hazard a guess that most of your "good" / "core" players (that have used the aug) really like it and probably don't want it changed too much. If you nerf it down to an M16, you'll be eroding the gameplay that your core players expect-- specifically that high tier weapons should be almost clinical in their power and precision-- that's what these players are playing for.

So yea, don't nerf the gold aug any more, make the other weapons better.


  • They should lower the AK 74m's range, increase the damage, and put a red dot sight. Also put in an AK 47, Put the ACOG on that, and give that the longer range but slower fire rate. or if 2 AK's is too much, the FAMAS is from the 80s.

  • Another good 80's assault rifle would be the Daewoo K2, the tandard service rifle of South Korea, its from 1982.

  • CuDCuD Member

    This game doesn't feel like it is intended to be built around what you seem to call "good/core" players, and I am sure you put yourself in that category. And I kinda hope it doesn't There are plenty of games out there for skill kids to go flickshot. This has a wonderful arcade feel, and the pace of the game has been decent, I would like to see fights slowed down, not only nerf the Aug, but other weapons also. I could be wrong... either way, having a blast and will continue playing as long as that is the case :)

    The game, from my perspective is trying to level that playing field a bit, while maintaining the spirit of this game style and injecting a massload of ambience.

    If this becomes one of those games where the people with super aim just come in and wipe the field, the same thing will happen as does with most others. Now, don't get me wrong, not saying we don't need precision etc. I just don't want to end up in a game where I take a single shot from who knows where in XX% of my games because people thought the guns TTK was too long.

    Having a long TTK is FUN!!!!! Those firefights can be the best, weapons with OK accuracy, jumping around firing, reloading, etc.

    I haven't used the Aug enough myself to have a real opinion on firing it, but it did feel pretty strong. But anytime I have a WTF moment when I die, its an AUG.

    I do have to ponder on your point on good/core players as well, as I realize I was a bit disdainful towards that above... And likely a bit harsh on judgment. It is a good point also that folks will expect a game to "feel" a certain way, it does not have to be exact, but it has to be close enough to "fee" right. If you play lots of games like this, and you have certain expectations for how things work, that can be a turn off. I imagine there is a balance in there somewhere.

    I hope the game remains what it is now. Accessible, easy to pick up, and just fun. And doesn't turn into another InstaGib shooter.

  • AnubisAnubis Member

    @CuD Reading your "opinion" makes me think this game will die. sad.

  • CuDCuD Member

    Just makes me think there are plenty of games out there that already do what you seem to want. Why are you not playing them?

  • ReaverReaver Member

    I don't know, right now, I'm fine with the weapons.

  • kenjisalkkenjisalk Member

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Ron! Weapon balancing is definitely an important element of any thriving multiplayer game. The team is busting their butt to bring tweaks/changes/additions and so forth to the game with upcoming patches, so rest assured, they're listening and thinking super hard about how to keep the game balanced and fair as Radical Heights evolves. : )

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