[Known Issues] Patch 2

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• Sometimes players are not able to change regions (Play button is grayed out).
◦ We are currently investigating this issue. Relaunching can temporarily resolves this.


• Best Match Score is reported incorrectly.

• Total Playtime is reported incorrectly.

• Purchased/Discovered wardrobe stat is not hooked up yet.


• First launch of game may not populate friends list with other Radical Heights players who are in your Steam friends.
◦ Relaunch the game to fix this issue.


• Crosshair color is displayed as hexadecimal value instead of color name.
◦ White
◦ 008505FF - Green
◦ 880000FF - Red
◦ Light Blue
◦ Magenta
◦ FFE900CF - Yellow
◦ Dark Blue

• Reset to default resets all options instead of just the tab you are viewing.

• Some options do not reset after resetting to default

Key Map

• Tab key cannot be remapped

• Tab key is used for inventory by default.
◦ If inventory key is remapped, use reset to default to get the tab key functionality back

• Cannot remap left alt key.

• Remapping 7, 8, and 9 number keys does not function.


• Currently not supported.


• General Jank – if you find yourself stuck, floating, falling animations, etc. Jump and roll. Again. AGAIN!

• Voice chat is not enabled yet - Coming Soon!

• When a player is killed, their dropped weapons rarity can change.

• Map markers can persist on the map in consecutive games.

• The bike will keep sliding away if you fail to land a trick in motion.

• Sometimes Level 4 armor is not directly equipped after finishing the Special Delivery Race.
◦ It will spawn on top or next to the finish platform instead.

• Kill card end of match screen shows players equipped item instead of weapon they performed the kill with.


• Multiple items can appear in vending machines.

• Sometimes players can get stuck in doors.
◦ Jumping, using combat roll, or destroying the door while in this state should fix the issue.

• Sometimes players can get stuck near tree trunks
◦ Going prone and moving away from the tree should allow the player to get out of this state.

• Sometimes players can get stuck in rock formations
◦ Most cases, using combat roll will get you out of this state

• Game Show Events can spawn outside on roofs of buildings, on top of rocks, and sometimes outside the playable space.

• The Acid Wash in Cossa Springs in F6 zone currently has 2 buildings duplicated on top of each other. Expect 2 doors in every doorway!


• Spiked wristband currently has an issue with long sleeve shirts. If you equip or preview a long sleeve shirt while you have the wristband equipped it will not display.
◦ To fix this issue, equip a short sleeve, or no shirt, and restart the client.

• Duplicate cosmetics found will appear in your Prize Room screen.


• Localization across all languages may have missing translations in certain areas, fixes incoming!


• Some users will experience green banding.

◦ Workaround Option 1: Nvidia Control panel. Under the Video tab, click "Adjust video color settings." Under option 2: "How do you
make color adjustments?" select the second option for "With the NVIDIA settings." Click Apply.
◦ Workaround Option 2: Change video settings to borderless windowed. An alternative, more permanent fix can be found here:

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