Instructions on Reporting a Player and Appeals

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As we are in X-TREME Early Access, we know there are areas where we need improvement and we want your help! Keeping Radical Heights fun and fair is a high priority and focus for the team, and we are working on improving our anti-cheat and we just implemented an in-game report feature in a recent update.

If you see someone cheating, using exploits, a player that has an inappropriate in-game handle or does not comply with other rules in our Code of Conduct, please report them directly to our support team via the Radical Heights Support link. The team will investigate reports and take immediate action once the evidence is reviewed. Privately supplying us with clips or screens as evidence via the Radical Heights Support site helps our investigations move quickly.

Moving forward, we ask players please refrain from calling out players they believe are cheating and posting clips of cheating here on the forums. We have found that this may cause insulting, player bashing and may lead to unconstructive arguments, which violate our forum rules. Clips posted from certain sites may also unknowingly contain “suggested” videos that link directly to cheating software. Be sure to use the in-game report feature or report players to use via the Radical Heights Support link. Know that all evidence previously posted has been logged, but moving forward these posts will be removed and you will be redirected here.

We thank you all for playing Radical Heights and for assisting us in making the best gameplay experience possible.

To report players or submit an appeal please visit: Radical Heights Support link

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