Random Supply Line Noise

Anyone else getting random supply line dialing noises? I'll hear it but no one will be around me and its always sounding like its right by me?

Its been happening since the new patch so maybe it would just be a minor tweak?


  • Someone is calling in a supply line, if you are hearing it over and over they are starting the call, canceling and starting again. But if you look up you can see the prize box from the direction you hear the call from.

  • I have experienced the same as PuddingxKnight. I will be in an area of the map with no other players around at all, and the dialing sound will play clear enough that it would be me doing the dialing. This happens fairly consistently throughout a match.

  • yeh it think its an audio bug no package falls around me and i hear it 3-5 times a match.

  • @sarimoko i dont think its someone calling it in because it will happen when no on is around or right after i kill someone

  • just saying if you hear the call to the east if you look the east and IF they complete the call you'll see the package drop from the sky. now if they started the call inside it will cancel or if they cancel it you'll hear it but if you hear the full dial noise look the sky. If you don't see a package they probably canceled it or is too far off to see. I think they should lower the radius to people within 1-2 minimap blocks cuz like you guys are saying, hearing them like crazy.

  • its not someone calling it in, its an audio bug that is happening to a lot of people, I know that people can cancel the call but this doesn't sound like someone cancelling it.
    It sounds like a quieter call but it gets cut off about half way. The radius isnt that big to begin with.

  • I've seen prizes drop 3-5 squares on the minimap and heard faint calls like your describing. Most times I have a bike I'll hunt down anyone calling something in. Still believe this isn't an audio bug, that players are calling in supply drops and you are hearing that.

  • johnaseejohnasee Member

    You’ve said it, “too far to see.” We shouldn’t hear the supply line on the other side of the square, let alone in a completely different square.

  • sarimokosarimoko Member

    So newest update seemed to remove the noise all together for other people. I've had people eerily close calling in supply drops without a peep. Thoughts?

  • @sarimoko
    I think they decreased the radius in which you can hear the sound of someone making the supply call.

  • LudaLukeLudaLuke Member

    This has been fixed in Patch 2 (last patch)

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