Radical Heights Forum Rules

BrittalityBrittality Moderator, Developer

Well hello there! Fancy seeing you here. Welcome to the official Radical Heights forums. Before you begin your journey here, we ask that you take time to review our rules below. Yes, we know it’s a lot of text (great for bathroom reading btw), but for good reason. We want to cultivate an environment that’s inclusive, inviting and an overall positive experience for all community members while additionally having a productive venue for things like feedback for our developers. Basically we want a place where all of our players can come to hang out, show their passion for the game and have great discussions.

If you stray from the path of excellence because you see something shiny and happen to break one of the rules, action may be taken by our moderators including warnings, temporary bans and permanent bans. Note that our community may be ever-evolving, which means new issues may arise that we have not noted below. This would lead us to add or expand on current rules in the future. If that does happen, we’ll do our best to give you a heads up on the new/altered guidelines, but be sure to check back often.

By participating in the forums, whether you read this amazing post or not, you agree to abide by our rules and guidelines and assume all responsibility from your posts. Private messages are also to follow guidelines.

Now down to business…

1. For the time being, our forum supports the English language only. Any posts in other languages will be removed.

2. Be Excellent to Each Other (that includes yourself!)

  • Don’t insult, harass, or bully others. This type of behavior will not be tolerated on our forums and respect is expected at all times. This includes, but is not limited to: name calling; telling someone to kill themselves; mocking someone either by text, alternate username, images or clips; dedicating posts to bashing them or forms of sexual harassment. Remember that others may be reading your posts without knowledge of any sarcastic intent. Saying something like “jk”, “lul” or any other alternative in the post does not negate its contents.
  • Hate speech is prohibited. Any comment perceived by staff to be derogatory or insulting to people based on discrimination including but not limited to race, age, sexuality, physical characteristics, gender identity, disability, religion and/or nationality will be considered hate speech. Words/comments with misspellings, substituting punctuation, symbols or any other methods that reflect an otherwise banned word are still prohibited.
  • Threats and self-harm: We take all threats either against others or yourself very seriously. Do not threaten others. This includes but is not limited to threats of physical harm, threats of swatting, threats of doxing, threats of DDoS and/or threats of harassment. Concerning self-harm, we may report threats related to physical harm or public safety.

3. Don’t fight fire with fire
If you believe you are being harassed, threatened or trolled, please do not engage with this person, even if it’s in a private message. Simply report them using the report feature or by contacting a member of the moderation staff and provide as many specifics as you can including their username and their actions. Our team will investigate.

4. Links, Language, Images and Videos

  • No illegal or offensive content, images or obscene language is allowed.
  • Do not link or post clickbait material (includes blogs, videos, articles).
  • You may not post links/images/videos or link to any site that does not fall in line with the rules of this site or breaks the Terms of Use.
  • Please do not post links to malicious content or any other links that involve a download outside of our links officially released by the studio or game. Any links that seem suspect will be viewed as an intention to damage or disrupt another person’s browser or computer or to compromise a person’s privacy.
  • Links, language and images that are not allowed include but are not limited to political material, religious material, adult-related material, non-game related material, terrorism, gangs, Nazism, instructions for engaging in violent or illegal activities, illegal drugs, scams, blackmail and extortion are not allowed. Words/comments with misspellings, substituting punctuation, symbols or any other methods that reflect an otherwise banned content are still prohibited.

5. How to Write the Postest with the Mostest

  • Search first! Are you sure no one has already posted something about this topic? Feel free to use the search bar before posting. If someone has already posted on this topic, please jump in, leave your thoughts and collaborate with others. Posts on topics that have already been made on the forums may be closed or removed and you may be directed to someone’s original post. Continued warnings for this may result in an escalation of moderator action.

  • Thread Titles: When titling your thread make it useful, constructive and descriptive, including a concise title of the main reason you are posting. Threads titled things like “salt induced”, “wow” or “Uh, why?”, or anything that may be considered “clickbait” may be deleted, closed or renamed by moderators. Also titles that include insults or inappropriate language will automatically be deleted.

  • Embellishments and text forms: Using these to emphasize or organize things in your post is fine. However, please don’t do things like put your entire post in caps, bold text or overuse other text decorations that cause others’ eyeballs to burn.

  • Writing a constructive feedback post: We want to hear your feedback! If you disagree with something, hey that’s totally cool. However here are a few things to keep in mind before posting. This is the best way to help devs and other community members see your POV:
    a. What do you disagree with, why and what would be a better solution (even if that means totally leaving it in its original form)?
    b. The post must offer some significant or relevant explanations. Posting a link and then saying “discuss” does not provide meaningful commentary.
    c. Are you insulting devs or other players? If the answer is yes, then hit that backspace key.
    d. Be open to the ideas of others. Are you providing feedback on someone else’s feedback? Hey it’s ok to disagree.
    e. Differing perspectives is what creates a collaborative and diverse environment. However, don’t attack or insult others or their points of view. Everyone’s different and they like/dislike different things. Simply follow bullet point #1.
    f. Take a look at your post history. Is the majority of them bashing/rants against the game, players or the forums? This is a form of trolling that only inflames the community and incites more flaming and abusive posts.
    g. Please do not post that the dev team does not care, we do not listen, that no one will answer a post or demand an answer from devs. This isn’t productive. We’re constantly looking at forums, so if your post wasn’t commented on or if a change you suggested has not been implemented don’t take offense. If you aren’t looking to respond constructively with your thoughts on the subject or help another player, it’s best not to respond at all.

  • Stay focused! No threadjacking! Posts that attempt to veer away from the original topic are considered threadjacking. Threads serve to cover a specific topic. If you find yourself writing a post and then an idea strikes for something else that does not pertain to the topic and has not been created already in the forums, feel free to start another thread in the appropriate category.

  • Please do not post petitions or strawpolls. The forums are all about collaborating with others. This limits a lot of the thought process behind why you would like to see things. Explaining your thoughts and giving us your input is a lot more significant to the devs and the community as a whole.

  • Visual Aids: If you are having trouble explaining your thoughts and need a little help in illustrating it, by all means post an example. Please do not post an image or video that takes up the entire page or spam images/vids. Content or links to content that are inappropriate or do not follow the guidelines will be removed.

  • Do not bump threads. Have something more to add that you feel will contribute to further the conversation? Hey, go for it! Bumping threads with no real reason (for example, just saying “bump”), will most likely be closed/locked.

  • Do not discuss hacks or cheating. If you think you come across someone in-game or someone who is speaking about a hack, please report them to our support team here. Be sure to include their username, platform and region (if possible).

  • Please do not create threads or posts that compare games, companies, communities, or players; however, discussing and comparing certain game features constructively is allowed.

  • Do not post the same thing in multiple threads or link a previous thread multiple times in posts of others. This is considered a form of spam. If you think you have accidentally posted in the wrong category, that’s ok! Our staff can move it to the correct area.

  • Do not advertise. Create a cool video, get a great play and want to share the clip, have some amazing fan art? That’s totally fine and we want to see it! Please feel free to throw it in our Community Content section. Advertising personal content (Discord, YouTube, Twitch, blogs, etc) that do not follow the guidelines here or do not relate to the game are prohibited. If you feel hesitant as whether your post will violate this, please feel free to ask a staff member. Tournaments/events that involve any sort of entry and exchanging of any type of prize (cash, keychains, gently used paper towels) must be approved by a staff member before posting.

6. If content was deleted or closed, please don’t repost it. It was done for a reason.

Are you still reading this? Yes? You’re a rockstar!

7. Your username

  • Do not create alternate accounts. If an alternate account is found, it will be deleted and your primary account will be considered for deletion as well. Users who make alternate accounts after forum access has been revoked either permanently or temporarily, as a means of ban evasion, will be automatically banned from the forums. We reserve the right to take action against in-game accounts if ban evasion accounts are made.

  • Impersonation and Offensive Usernames: Any username perceived by staff to impersonate developers, other players, organizations, “known” personalities, mock other members or the studio, are derogatory or insulting to people based on discrimination including but not limited to race, age, sexuality, physical characteristics, gender identity, disability, religion and/or nationality are prohibited. Radical Heights is enjoyed by players of all ages, therefore usernames containing profanity are also prohibited here on the forums. Words with misspellings, substituting punctuation, symbols or any other methods that reflect an otherwise banned word are still prohibited.

8. Official News All official news will come in the form of an official post here, our website or social. Please do not post information, assumptions, rumors, lies or false facts. Whether you knowingly or unknowingly did this, will result in removal of the post and may result in further action being taken.

9. Private Messages

  • All rules dedicated to the forums include both public and private content.
  • Do not give out your private info or the private info of others publicly or in private messaging.

10. Please do not sell or trade items on the forums.
This includes but is not limited to things like codes, other digital items, merchandise and services. Giveaways need to be approved by a staff member.

11. If you have been permanently banned from the game, you will also be permanently banned from the forums.

12. Moderation
If you disagree with an action taken by a moderator, please send a private message to a staff member. Dedicating a post or having a form of public conversation that pertain to decisions/disciplinary actions made by staff or private communications may result in further action being taken (this includes but is not limited to things like banning, deleting or closing forum posts/threads). Also please do not assume authority. Informing users of violations or conflicts is the responsibility of the staff. Behaving in a way that could lead other people to mistakenly believe you are a staff member or further argument. Assuming authority may result in a temporary or permanent ban.

13. Reporting
If you believe someone is not following the rules, please use the report button to get the attention of the staff so we can investigate and take appropriate action if needed. Again, don’t fight fire with fire. We got you! Please do not submit false reports as it will be considered abusing the report system.

Whether you strike up a conversation everyday or lurking is more your style, we want to thank you all for being here with us and for taking the time to show how passionate you are about the game. Giving our players a place to come and talk outside of the game is really important to us, as it cultivates a strong, positive community atmosphere and helps us as developers see your point of view (plus this gives you a chance to meet potential gaming buddies and BFFs, yay!).

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