[Hotfix incoming at 7PM/ET, April 10] Duo Queues and Spawning in Warm-Up Areas

BrittalityBrittality Moderator, Developer
edited April 10 in Patch Notes

!! Hotfix targeted for 7PM/ET concerning 1) various issues with duos 2) spawning in warm-up with wing-suit 2) duo spawning with teammates. Players will need to close the game and download the update.

You should receive a notification in-game when this hotfix goes live. You will be able to finish your match if you are in a game during this time, but will need to download the update when finished.

Initial issue post: Contestants! We just launched the game and we ask you to embrace the jank with us! We are aware of issues surrounding duo queues and wing-suit spawning in the warm-up area. The team is investigating!

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