Radical Heights Founder's Pack

BrittalityBrittality Moderator, Developer
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Hey you! Yeah, you. Do you want to be even MORE awesome? Yeah, we know you’re totally awesome now, but this adds...like...even more awesome. Then it’s time to pull up those leg warmers, toss your favorite cassette in the boombox and snag the Radical Heights Founder’s Pack, an exclusive bundle of loot that is only available if you’re a Founder. What does it include, you ask? [Flips up shades] Glad you asked…

  • Over 20 pieces of exclusive character cosmetics inspired by the action films of the 80’s you can use to create your own movie star contestant hero!
  • 1250 Rad Gems to buy yourself some chic gear in your Prize Room.

    See more and become a founder by clicking here


  • fandffandf Member

    Already bought it :) Glad to support you, we need more Battle Royale Games on Steam :D

  • ZachZach Member

    I would purchase the pack, but I'm skeptical because the game is just released in testing phase.

  • SageSage Member

    @Zach the point of a founders pack is to support the development of the game...... Testing phase is where they will need the most support aka founders. Ive personally bought the founders pack and am enjoying my Rambo like character. Anyhow buy the founders pack its nice to be different from the basic contestants.

  • DavidDavid Member

    I'm glad you guys have implemented means of supporting development! I will definitely be purchasing this. :)

  • I've enjoyed 12 hours of play time on this game already. Happy to support with a founders pack. I've paid more for a 2 hour movie ticket.

  • I’m more then happy to put money towards this game, most fun I’ve had in a while. The funky outfits, the announcer, and the tv show-esque gameplay keep this game fresh. Keep adding things like the money drops and spin to win, somehow get the audience involved. If you add more founders exclusive items I’d definitely drop more cash.

    Keep up the amazing work.

  • GugaGuga Member

    im going to buy the founders pack!
    maybe in the next in this weekend day 20 or 21

    hope my pack helps the game.

  • GugaGuga Member

    yeah cobracurry i loved your idea like spin to win in the main menu for us to put money and maybe get some cool cosmetics like hair glasses bottoms who knows...

    till now i only bought a common hat.


  • Best 15$ I've spent on steam in a while

  • tvaLxtvaLx Member

    Take my money and develop your game, you deserve it !

  • Is the Founders Pack ever going to go away?
    So it's exclusive to those who actually supported the game in early states?

  • WagsWags Member

    Another proud member of the Founder's club! Maybe we could get a Founder's Forum Tag? @Brittality

  • bought it!! been enjoying this game alot!

  • trexy10trexy10 Member

    Never considered the founder pack, but I am really enjoying the lighter tone of this BR. I will be purchasing it, I want to support this game. It brings a lot of enjoyment, and I love buying weapons from venders, just so I can listen to danger zone 🤣

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